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Are your pearly whites looking a little more yellow these days? This is completely normal as we age, but certain foods and drinks we are eating can cause stains to appear on your teeth over time. Luckily, we have a few secrets to get your smile back to its shiny self.
Home Remedies 
Many people swear by the old home remedy of baking soda to gently whiten your teeth. Certain foods (celery, apples, pears, and carrots.) can also trigger you to produce a lot of saliva, which helps clear any food debris on your teeth and avoid future staining.
DIY Teeth Whitening
Whitening at home just got a whole lot easier! Our Polisher & Paste combination is perfect to give you a sparkling white smile. The rotating polishing cups work gently and effectively with fluoride polish to remove tough and ugly stains that won’t budge with normal brushing. Plus, it’s super affordable!
Preventing Teeth Stains 
Some foods and drinks that cause discoloration on your teeth, like Coffee, we just don’t want to give up for good. Taking a few extra measures to avoid staining your teeth in the first place can keep your teeth healthy and stain-free. Try to remember to brush and rinse your mouth right after you drink or eat things that can stain.
Don’t Forget Basic Maintenance!
The easiest way to maintain your smile pearly and shiny is simple: brush and floss every day! Brushing is a simple way to prevent more yellow stains and adding floss and mouthwash to your brushing routine will whiten them up even more!
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