Polisher with Mint and Bubblegum Paste


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The perfect combination for a sparkling white smile!

The rotating polishing cups work gently and effectively to remove tough and ugly stains from smoking, coffee, tea, wine, and food that cannot be removed with normal brushing. Dip into the paste to maximize stain removal while minimizing enamel loss and maintain an effective fluoride level. This polishing paste strengthens tooth enamel and prevents dental caries.

This bundle contains 1 Electric Tooth Polisher, 5 mint polishing cups, and 5 bubblegum polishing cups.

Polisher Features:

  • 4 free polishing cups included
  • Color received will vary (white or red)

Paste Features:

  • Non-splatter formula
  • 1.23% acidulated phosphate sodium fluoride with a unique blend of cleaning and polishing agents.
  • Disposable cups to eliminate cross contamination.

Out of stock

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