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Dog Pet Toothbrush


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Cleaning your pets’ teeth has never been easier! This toothbrush features a durable, non-slip handle for pet cleaning. Easy to move, easy to operate & clean!

Product Features:

1. Three Sided Brush: It’s simple and convenient for pets to brush their teeth with this three-sided toothbrush.

2. Ergonomic Design: This toothbrush design is in line with the dog’s oral structure, which is more comfortable and safer. The handle is made of rubber to better grasp the toothbrush.

3. Perfect to Maintain Pet’s Oral Health: A clean mouth helps to improve not only pets’ health but also helps their owners’ health.

4. Suitable for Most of the Pets: Innovative Real ToothBrushes are designed for all dog and cat breeds.

5. Color – Green handle with Purple top (as shown in the first picture)

6. Size – 17*2.3cm


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