Teeth whitening pen 

1. whitening teeth anywhere or anytime

2. no acidity and not stimulating to oral cavity 

Hydrogen Peroxide NOT over 0.1%


How To Use :


1. Clean the teeth surface

2. Rotate the end of the whitening pen in the clockwise direction

3. Stop rotating if the gel could be seen on the top of the whitening pen

4. Apply the gel on the surface of the teeth to be whitened

5.Take The Led light

6. Gargle the mouth with fresh water 15-20 minutes later.


Fashionable Teeth Whitening Pen With Charming Smile

Tooth whitening pen, used mildly, safely and efficiently, is a method of tooth whitening easy to operate. 

Whitening pen will not only whiten the teeth surface, but also reduce the pigmentation within the teeth. This new technology enables teeth whitening at home to become more professional, more convenient, more comfortable and safer!

The whitening effect will come true in 2 weeks on average. The whitening pen with cool mint smell is small and cute and easy to take.


Highly active whitening formulation quickly solidifies at the teeth surface.

To clean stains and whiten in depth with distinct whitening effect.

Easy to operate, more convenient and effective to use.

Easy to take and convenient to use at home or on travel.

White teeth after use enable you to show charming smile again.


Caution: Do Not Use This Product If You are pregnant / nursing, have poor dental health ( gum disease, decaying teeth, exposed roots, under the age of 14, wearing braces, had recent oral surgery, jaw problems ).

Package Includes:

1*Teeth whitening pen