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    Get ready for cleaner teeth and a brighter smile! Product Features: 1. Wireless charging. wireless charging mode. A charge of 10 minutes, can live for more than 20 days, truly energy saving and environmental protection. 2. Magnetic suction connection. Hit it off, seamless connection, let the head of the toothbrush head is not in close agreement, do not worry because of the shock caused by brushing head off problems. Unique ultrasonic technology delivers enormous energy to the toothbrush head.
    3. Automatic bubble. The toothpaste use will be pumped into the power head into foam, conveyed to the brush head through tiny tubes, evenly on the surface of teeth brushing
    4. Power head. Power head is also called energy silo. When you use it, it will constantly supply energy to the toothbrush head, and the toothpaste solution will be stored here. In addition, the power head needs only one, which can satisfy the use of a plurality of toothbrush heads.
    5. Emancipate your hands. U type single mouthpiece design, so you brush your teeth to liberate your hands, improve the efficiency of your life.
    6. 360 degree brushing. By ultrasonic technology, combined with U type design, using only a 10-15 seconds to complete a 360 DEG omnibearing brushing action, so you will love brushing.
    Product Includes:
    1pc Charging Cable
    1pc Charging base
    1pc Instruction manual
    1pc Toothbrush
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