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For as long we can remember, people have been using toothpicks and other tools to clean their teeth. Early cave drawings suggest that the first man fashioned out of wood or bone for this very purpose – removing berries and other food from between their teeth. It wasn’t until later on though when they discovered herbs like spearmint which helped prevent halitosis (bad breath) along with chewing abrasive grains in order remove plaque buildup; these days you’ll find home remedies and more modern and useful tools everywhere.

The Ancient Babylonians were among the first people to use a toothbrush. They created these oral concoctions consisting of rough ingredients like dried flowers, ashes and myrrh while also using cleaning utensils that dates back as far 3500 B.C.? Where did they get this idea? How does it work for brushing teeth without modern day technology like toothbrushes and electric cleaners?
The earliest known predecessors was found in Egyptian tombs around 2800 BC -2500BC which consisted only small sticks with frayed ends.

Thankfully now we have much better access to many different people and tools who understand what your teeth need to stay clean and healthy.


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